My students do some really fantastic work. Each student has agreed to posting this work for your review. 

The amount of effort placed by ALL students should be rewarded here, but space is limited. These are some of the Best of the Best!



Seventh Grade students create a presentation and speech in Assignment 7.7.5 Unit 7 Activity: How Can We Positively Influence A Conflict? 





An Analysis of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

What makes Sir Gawain and the Green Knight a medieval romance. Here is where you'll find essays addressing this topic!


Here is a document that you can use to help you put this assignment together. Just click ---> Anglo-Saxon Graphic Organizer




Students will create a presentation using PowerPoint that will feature 20 slides, each lasting 20 seconds in length featuring the student narrating the presentation. Animations should be non-existent. Students are to present in the presentation information about key figures of this period and their relationships to each other, information about literary devices used in the unit as to how they contribute to the characteristics of nature found in poetry – specifically William Wordsworth Poems, what influenced the outlook of Romantic period poets, a brief history of Gothic Literature and its most influential pieces, the status of women in this time period, and how major events happening in the world influenced the writers of the Romantic Period.

A Pecha Kucha is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds.

The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images.



Students will be creating a Victorian Era State Fair. Using the ideas of the Great Minnesota Get Together, how would the Fair look if it was ongoing during the Victorian Era? IN reality, the fair operated then, but none of us were in attendance.

In the Victorian version, many aspects of our version of the fair exist as well. These include Machinery Hill (showing key mechanical inventions of the period), Entertainment (poetry/book readings, musical acts), Art, Science, Food (only three items on a stick), a Victorian-era-style midway, and which Victorian era author you would have immortalized in a butter sculpture and your reasons for this selection.

In addition, the current site of the Minnesota State Fair is located on the grounds of the former Ramsey County Poor Farm. Explain the significant features and drawbacks of American Poor Farms and English Poor Houses in the Victorian Era with its own display at the Fair.





Both teachers and students have become numb to conventional classroom presentations, where they’re confronted with slide after slide containing too much information in quick, disjointed succession.

Prezi’s zooming canvas opens up the classroom to active learning and interactivity, making lessons understandable, memorable and fun.



Students can use Google sites to create a web site designed to highlight the Modern Era of literature. Topics on this web site should include The Role of Modernism in our world, a Biography of authors and poets from the unit, Poetry, War, Time Travel, and Technological Change. Here is what is a visitor could expect of your web site:

  • Modernism – the effects of Modernism as seen in the visual arts. Comment on two visual artists and two authors in this time period whose works influenced generations of twentieth century artists.
  • Bibliography – Create a one paragraph summary of the importance of the lives of all authors, poets, artists, and speakers presented in this unit. Each person should be on their own page with an identifiable picture and vital records listing.
  • Poetry – Create a page containing one poem from each of the first six decades of the 20th century.  Include the date of publication and a brief summary of how the poem influenced/affected  you and why you chose the poem for that particular decade.
  • War – Provide three listings for each conflict mentioned in the unit. One of the listings in each conflict must be directed toward how the war influenced poetry and prose during the period.
  • Time Travel – On this page you will list five different stories of time travel. Two of the listings must be books, while the other three listings can be from TV or film. With these listings, discuss how each view society in the future. How does each listing examine the wrongs in our society today and how they attempt to correct them in the future.
  • Technological Change – On this page list ten inventions of the modern era in a time line. Include a brief two – five sentence statement of how this invention changed the world and the negative and positive affects it has on society today.  




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