What Others say...

Just like the graffiti found on a wall of a building, artists have something to say. This page provides a few words from the intellectual artists that have challenged themselves in the courses led by Mr. Lukaszewski. 

"This class has completely changed how I look at English class.  I used to hate English class and anything associated with it. This course has changed that though. I like how there are a few lessons and then a big project at the end of each unit instead of a giant test, and I think that really has improved my motivation to retain information I'm learning. I have been pushing myself further and further each unit to improve my work and unit projects, and actually look forward to showing my mom them because I am always so proud of my work. "

- Ashley M.

"I like that you are very open and tell us a little bit about yourself. Posting a picture helps out to understand someone more as a person as well."

-Paige K.

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